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Perfect for the self-employed, contract employee, or those looking to supplement an existing group benefit plan; our individual solutions supply comprehensive individual health insurance and plan management by experienced representatives.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance provides an insured individuals family with financial support in the event of death.  There are many forms of Life Insurance available: Single Life, Joint Life, and Mortgage Insurance.  Please contact us for more information.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a tax free lump-sum cash payment made 30 days after diagnosis and survival of a life threatening illness. Critical illness insurance can assist an individual and their family with costs associated with their illness. Most contracts cover the big three illnesses: Heart Attack, Stroke and Cancer. Other illnesses such as severe burns, MS, Alzheimers and Parkinsons may be added.


There are no restrictions on how the funds are utilized. For example, an individual may choose to make mortgage payments, alter a home or vehicle to better service an illness, supplement disability insurance, or pay for specialized medical treatment, private nursing/child care, or for out of country treatment.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides an individual with a continuation of income, usually paid on a monthly basis while he/she is (totally) disabled as a result of injury or illness.  Disability is specific to the individual.  Please contact us for more information.

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Health and Dental Insurance

Health and dental insurance is available to individuals and their families and ranges from just prescription drug coverage, to a comprehensive plan containing: chiropractor, massage, physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, dental and travel benefits.  Click here to apply for health and dental insurance online.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is there to ensure out-of-country medical emergencies are covered – providing the same level of coverage abroad as at home. Travel insurance also covers personal effects. Click here to apply for travel insurance online.

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Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

One of the newer products in insurance, long term care insurance provides financial support to assist with costs associated to the care of those no longer able to care for themselves. Coverage is activated if two or more “Activities of daily living” cannot be performed without assistance (i.e. showering, dressing, feeding or transferring/moving of one’s self).

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Home and Auto Insurance

Diverse Benefits has a relationship with a home and auto insurance provider. For information on home and auto insurance, please contact:


Roy Howerton
Western General Insurance

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